New Age Dating Terms for Millenials You Need To Learn

One thing that is trending in the dating game nowadays is how millennials coin a term for every stage and aspect of going out. There are so many new age dating terms now that it can be hard to catch up. So if you think that time has left you by, here are some new age dating terms that you need to master.

Discover New Age Dating Terms and Be Ahead of Your League

In order not to miss out, here are some updated new age dating terms for you. You may or may not apply them as you are happily married, but well, it pays to be informed. This is especially applicable if you have millennial children who are going out. If they have problems, these may come in handy as you offer a shoulder to cry on.


Would you believe that the term Draking is inspired by the Canadian rapper? It refers to people who are wallowing in their sorrow because their love interest is not reciprocating their feelings. Or basically, this means that they were dumped. Meanwhile, the people who do that are called ‘Drakers’.


Sometimes, it’s hard to accept that you are still single while your friends have changed boyfriends and girlfriends several times already. And it’s worse if your friends are already making fun of you because you are still single.

If you get tired of being the butt of jokes during every meeting, you resort to fauxbaeing. It is inventing an imaginary girlfriend or a boyfriend on social media so that people will believe that you actually have a love life.

Kitten Fishing

This is a modified version of catfishing where one puts up a highly manipulated profile photo in order to deceive others. There is a difference between just wanting to look good and really having the intention to deceive. And those who are kitten fishing want to make people believe that they are something else.

Slow Fading

This may be considered as the gentler and kinder version of Ghosting. Just like the video effect, you gradually reduce your contact with the one you are dating. You do this by making plans to go out less often, which leads to gradually ignoring calls and texts. Then you hope that your relationship just slowly fades away.

Thirst Trap

Social media has added so many technical aspects to dating. The thirst trap is purely for ego purposes. One posts a sexy picture or a pick-me-up line on social media so that they can get others to publicly say their attraction. It is kind of narcissistic in nature.

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~ Social media has made it easier for us to meet people. However, it also created a whole lot of mess for dating couples. ~


These new age dating terms are developed because of new situations. You don’t have to follow what they are doing just because that is the trend. It is really nasty when you are intentionally hurting or deceiving someone. Remember, what goes around comes around and the same is true with relationships.

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